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Stampede in Mumbai kills over a dozen, Injures many


Eighteen people died, majority of them due to suffocation; and forty persons were injured in a stampede ensuing when throngs of thousands of people gathered to pay their last respects to Dr. Sayyedna.


Followers of Dr. Sayyedna Burhanuddin had gathered in lacs to pay their last respects after his death was announced on Friday, 17 January.


People flocked in thousands to his residence in the late hours of the evening and this led to suffocation since the by-lanes leading to the venue were very narrow. This resulted in suffocation resulting the death of 18 people and later facilitated a stampede, injuring many.


The Doctors confirmed that the reason of death was primarily suffocation as people took unconscious and fell on each other. The injured have been admitted to the Saifee Hospital.

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  1. Hats says

    When u r writing about such great personality make sure to have atleast correct spellings of their name.

    Dr. Sayyid / Dr. Sayyedna as mentioned in above article is wrong, correct spelling is Dr. Syedna.

    I guess no editing or checking was done before posting such article otherwise wont have 2 different wrong spellings for a simple word.

    Kindly rectify.


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