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Street Play: Earth's Degradation showcased at FS and Gulab Bagh

natyansh2Morning and evening walkers, students, families, travelers and passersby at Fateh Sagar and Gulab Bagh witnessed an unforeseeable story of deterioration of the earth showcased and conducted by a theater group, Natyansh, in the morning and evening at both the venues today.

Young members of the group put up a commendable performance through the play ‘Jeevan ki Dukan’ in raising the issue of environmental degradation resulting because of our greed and unconscionable acts.


Their performance raised various questions in front of the public who were later requested by the group members to write and follow a nature friendly resolution.



Coordinator and Director of the play, Ashfaq Noor Khan Pathan informed that Devendra Suthar, Mohammad Rizwan, Shubham Sharma, Neha Purohit, Shlok Pimpalkar, Nitesh Khari, Khushbu Khatri, Vinit Sharma, Abdul Mubin Khan, Parvat Singh Sisodiya, Dr. Girish Samdani and Ashfaq himself acted in the play.

The script was written by Ashfaq and Amit Shrimali and they were supported by St. Anthony’s School.

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