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Surprise Visit of Mayor at Sukhadia Circle


Udaipur Municipal Corporation (UMC) Mayor, Rajni Dangi held a field inspection at Sukhadia Circle and Fatehpura localities, along with officials including UMC Commissioner Himmat Singh Barath and Health Committee President Paras Singhvi.

During this surprise visit, Dangi passed various orders and took on the spot action that included cleaning of parks and moving encroachers from the areas. She also warned footpath venders that if they were found selling goods on the footpath all their products would be impounded.

The Mayor also ordered officials to maintain due cleanliness in the area alongside pre-constructed Drinking Water sites, so that fresh drinking water can be made available for tourists.

Rajni Dangi, in a conversation with food court venders instructed them to work within permitted area; if they were found operating on footpaths or any other such places their respective permits would be cancelled. She also gave orders for maintenance work of sewerage channels within localities.

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  1. Harsh Vardhan Mehta, West Africa says

    Only visiting does not help. This is for media only. Current state of Sukhadia Circle is shameful. Such a wonderful place and in such a pathetic shape. Apart from UMC, it is the common citizen who needs to understand the importance of cleanliness. Udaipur can be top tourist destination, but till we have such stone age mindset administrators, it will not happen. all they are interested in beautification of Chourahas and making new parks, but not maintaining what we already have. Why can’t we put few armed policemen at Fateh Sager and start arresting those who throw trash any where, even in the lake. Do it for few months and all will understand. Make arrangement of charging Rs. 500.00 fine on the spot to all offenders. WE can not make Udaipur tourist friendly without iron hand for few years. Stop washing and bathing on Lakes, specially at Pichola and Gangaur ghat. ONly visiting with media cameras will not help.


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