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Locals catch female chain snatchers during crime


A woman of Udaipur city was targeted by a duo of female chain snatchers for her 20 grams of gold

1 week ago
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Man accused of killing 2-year-old daughter arrested


After a ruthless case of father killing his two-year-old daughter by hanging her from an iron

1 month ago
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Chain Snatcher targets Middle-aged woman at Delhi Gate

A middle aged woman named Manju Choudhary was targeted by chain snatchers who snatched away 3 tola

3 months ago
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Trio arrested over selling Fake Gold Necklace


Dhan Mandi Police on Friday arrested a trio from Meena Pada area for selling 1 Kg and 80 Grams of

4 months ago
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Incidences of theft reported at different temples


On Friday, unidentified thieves targeted two temples situated at different areas of the city in a

10 months ago
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2 arrested for beating protester of eveteasing

Dhan Mandi police arrested accused duo for beating a man on protesting against Eve teasing.

11 months ago
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Dhan Mandi police catches temple thief

Balveer Singh, an accused of theft, was arrested by Dhan Mandi police on Sunday. The accused was

1 year ago
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Travel agent arrested for duping people in name of Hajj bookings

A tour agent was arrested by Dhanmandi Police on 5th Sept for allegedly cheating more than a dozen

1 year ago
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Three arrested for Chain Snatching

Dhanmandi Police has arrested three people including two women and a man for stealing a 1.5 tola

1 year ago
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Theft of Rs.30000 from Dhanmandi shop

Thieves stole Rs.30000 cash from a shop located in DhanMandi area. The shop owner has lodged the

1 year ago