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Trio involved in two-wheeler theft arrested, 12 bikes recovered

The city people can now get relief from parking their vehicles without the fear of them getting

2 months ago
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Two arrested for extorting Money


Hathipol police on Tuesday arrested a duo of accused for extorting money by threatening a local

3 months ago
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Newly Born stolen from Janana Wing of MB Hospital


Sudden panic occurred in the Pannadhay Wing of MB Hospital when on Sunday afternoon a newly born

3 months ago
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Gamblers Arrested from across town in multiple Police Raids

To go with story 'India-gambling-archery-tradition'

In this photograph taken on February 2, 2013 an Indian bookie counts the day's earnings at an archery club in the north-eastern city of Shillong.    Every weekday afternoon in the picturesque Indian city of Shillong, dozens of men meet to play with bows and arrows, place bets and gamble, keeping a centuries-old tradition alive. The origins of the game, known simply as Siat Khnam or Shoot Arrow and played by men belonging to northeast India's Khasi tribe, are unclear.   AFP PHOTO/Roberto SCHMIDT        (Photo credit should read ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images)

Udaipur police on Friday evening arrested 26 gamblers from various areas across the city and have

3 months ago
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Three more arrests reveal information about Panther Skin Smuggling


Three accused including 2 hunters and a dealer involved in killing and selling of panther’s skins

4 months ago
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Two arrested for Fraud over providing blood to Patients

Hathipol police arrested two accused at MB Hospital in the name of providing blood for the patient

5 months ago
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Mystery Ink used on Cheque Leaf to loot Rs.4.98 Lac


A 72 year old man has been duped of Rs.4.98 Lac, through a cheque withdrawal from his account.  The

5 months ago
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Panther Skin Smuggling still a mystery for Police


The Panther Skin smuggling saw more action this week as two more accused in the act were arrested by

5 months ago
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2 Men arrested for violent misbehavior at MB Hospital

Hathipol police on Wednesday night detained 2 men for misbehaving with an on-duty resident doctor

5 months ago
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Three Sandalwood thieves arrested


Based on the information from the sources, Hathipol police succeeded in nabbing the trio of accused

5 months ago