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Three arrested, accepts loot worth Rs. 1 Crore


The day light theft racket was busted by police after arresting 3 accused members of the gang on

2 weeks ago
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One died, one injured in fatal hit-and-run accident

A road mishap took place between Eklingpura and Madri Industrial area where a man died on the spot

1 month ago
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Gamblers Arrested from across town in multiple Police Raids

To go with story 'India-gambling-archery-tradition'

In this photograph taken on February 2, 2013 an Indian bookie counts the day's earnings at an archery club in the north-eastern city of Shillong.    Every weekday afternoon in the picturesque Indian city of Shillong, dozens of men meet to play with bows and arrows, place bets and gamble, keeping a centuries-old tradition alive. The origins of the game, known simply as Siat Khnam or Shoot Arrow and played by men belonging to northeast India's Khasi tribe, are unclear.   AFP PHOTO/Roberto SCHMIDT        (Photo credit should read ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images)

Udaipur police on Friday evening arrested 26 gamblers from various areas across the city and have

1 month ago
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Mother & Son seriously injured in Sword attack

A duo of 50 year old woman and her 35 year old son received severe injuries in a sword attack on

1 month ago
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Sex Racket busted at Hiran Magri, 3 arrested


Another sex racket was busted by Police on Wednesday where 3 accused were arrested from a house

1 month ago
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Man arrested for posting spiteful messages on Social Media


While the social media has its own advantages in this internet-savvy generation, few others take

1 month ago
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Man arrested for looting his 80-year-old grandmother


In a place where the children look up to their old, grand parents for bed time stories and selfless

2 months ago
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Husband accused of attacking wife with sword arrested


A husband assaulted his wife with sword over her love affair with another man. She was immediately

3 months ago
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Two Con Men arrested over trading fraud


Hiran Magri police arrested 2 con men for cheating a dozen of people over doing business and

3 months ago
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Hiran Magri police arrests 3 accused involved in multiple thefts

Hiran Magri police achieved success today after arresting 3 burglars who accepted committing more

3 months ago