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UIT begins road widening at Sukher Circle

City’s Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) executed demolition drive at Sukher Circle today. Many marble … [Read more...]

4 months ago
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Road Construction Starts at Bhuwana

Road widening process at 100 ft road near Bhuwana started today after Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) … [Read more...]

4 months ago
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UIT to Spend Rs 250 Cr over Road Networks

Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) Udaipur is preparing to strengthen road networks across city. The … [Read more...]

4 months ago
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UIT clears Bottleneck of Goverdhan Vilas

The crackdown of dozens of houses and commercial buildings started today at Goverdhan Vilas area … [Read more...]

5 months ago
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UIT wipes out Encroachment from Savina

Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) Udaipur continued hammering down illegal construction at Savina … [Read more...]

5 months ago
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UIT Quotes Rs 259 Cr. for Financial Year

The Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) announced yearly budget of Rs 259 Crore, which includes provisions … [Read more...]

5 months ago
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UIT comes under CCTV Surveillance

Surveillance is getting beefed up at Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) Udaipur with installation of CCTV … [Read more...]

5 months ago
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Plot allotted to Limba Ram turns into Garbage Dumping Yard

Ace Archer and Olympian Limba Ram’s plot at Hiran Magri Sector 14 has become an unofficial garbage … [Read more...]

7 months ago
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UIT demolishes 10 houses at Manoharpura

The Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) razed around 10 houses at Manoharpura locality in Badgaon, … [Read more...]

7 months ago
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Fish Aquarium and Art Gallery to be set-up at Vibhuti Park

Urban Improvement Trust (UIT), Udaipur after construction of Vibhuti Park at Fateh Sagar promenade … [Read more...]

8 months ago