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The Arranged Love Marriage


The Arranged Love marriage floats in as a new entry with the never ending debate of Love versus Arranged marriage and is a reliever for the ones struggling with the post hassles of a love marriage.

Well, the term marriage in itself, be it a love or an arranged, is a broad gamut of understanding, compatibility, friendship, adjustments, compromises, love, families, career and many more.

Moreover, the rationalists’ Indian still finds pride, honour, dignity, societal respect in conducting an arranged marriage. Even the urban Indian pulls up a surprising second question “Oh! Really yours is a love marriage, wow great”. The successful arranged marriage couples are usually found boasting the family support they receive.

This situation, however, gets ironical for the love marriage couples. At one end, it brings with itself major hassles that need to be overcome. But on the other it can be useful in eradicating dowry and false practices associated with lifetime rituals.

Relating it to the first side, the couple in Love marriage has no chance of complaining as the partner is of his/her choice. He/She is liable to meet the exceeded expectations of the family. The partner has to every now and then cross the agnee pariksha to justify their stand in the family. With every act it becomes essential to determine that my chosen partner is equivalent or better than the one that could have been chosen by the family.

In cases of inter-cast or inter religion marriages, the situations are sometimes worse. The partners have to entirely start a new learning and have to turn themselves to perfectionist just to keep themselves away from the obvious comment of “what is so special in him/her, this could have been found in our caste also”.

Well people, its Love that has brought them together. The acceptance and the love by the family get so very much distant. These issues may be too trivial to be talked about but mind it they have an everlasting impact on the compatibility of the couples which ultimately decides the success of their relationships. The couple’s ability to understand, adjust and compromise, especially of women who are at a higher end of compromising, helps them in their survival of such stances.

The society rarely merits these cases for avoiding dowry and undue expenses associated with the rituals. The couple’s deeper sense of understanding and less familiarity with the customs facilitates higher satisfaction with any way that the rituals are performed. The couple and the families again stay in the No Complain Zone to adjust with the whatsoever-family-situations as they remain underhand and helpless to compare.

The Arranged Love Marriage can be a wholesome win-win situation if added on with the spice of family support and respect.

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  1. Divye says

    I don’t quite understand the purpose of the article. It only lays out a lot of information already established by many and then fails to prove or even comment on anything.
    Waste of blog space:/

    • Swati says

      Divye, Thankyou for the response and for the honest criticism
      Well, life has been running on many common principles but it cannot stop anyone from reiteration or restatement as an individual may always carry his or her view over it .
      Also this article is not about the opposition faced at large before wedding ….it is talking of the passive opposition one faces post acceptance and marriage which is even more difficult.
      Lastly, any idea or view may not guarantee 100 % likelihood, but it also cannot be a wastage, what may not be liked by you can get appreciation from others, its just about the ones who can relate themselves to it.
      Anyways once again thankyou for taking time to read it.

  2. hitesh says

    watever may be u get into deep devil sea either by your choice or by others choice….?hard fact but true


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