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The Lake Pollution Continues, seems a Long way ahead

collector-walk-lakesideDistrict collector Vikas Bhale (second from left) looks at people around lake fateh sagar

Despite the court’s strict order to keep the city’s lakes pollution free, by declaring ‘Plastic Free Zones’ and by prohibiting all activities such as washing clothes or throwing anything in the Lake, Udaipur administration looked helpless to abide by all regulations as the city locals continue to break the laws.

Washing clothes in the lake is a part of the daily chores of Kavita (name changed) and she does not know about court’s order, same is the case with auto rickshaw driver Sonu (name changed) who comes everyday at Gangaur Ghat to have a bath.

lakesideThe visarjan of idols also took place today on the day of Dusshera. However, several priests appealed the devotees to avoid dipping idols in lake in order to preserve the environment.

collector-walk-lakeside1Photo: An unknown man dispersing some religious things in lake, Collector observes him while on morning walk

District Collector Vikas Bhale was seen walking on the shores of Fateh Sagar Lake today and observing all the activities, while people were busy polluting lake in front of collector who was not recognized by anyone there.

Bhale in a short discussion with our reporter expressed his problem but ensured that the orders will be implemented strictly; he said, “I have already informed the concerned police station regarding the activities going on at Fateh Sagar.”


The condition of Pichhola was also pathetic as tons of garbage was dumped near Lake while local women were lined up washing clothes and kids enjoying swimming.

“Our religious sentiments should not harm our own treasures, the lakes. Our habit of using lakes as a dumping area can be changed only if we really wish to see them sparkling and clean. But if we don’t want to make a change then we must not pin point administration and politicians for the terrible condition of the city”, said a Lake conservator on the condition of anonymity.

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