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The message of Women Empowerment spread through Rally

rally1On the eve of International Women’s Day, women cell of Shri Mahaveer Yuva Manch organized a huge rally which included 51 cars and 108 scooters and passed through various parts of the city to spread a message of women empowerment.

The rally was headed by Madhu Mehta, District Head and Rajni Dangi, Chairperson, UMC. Dangi also became part of the rally by driving a scooter herself. Various tableaus of Goddesses and of well known women, such as Kiren Bedi, Aishwariya Rai and Rani Laxmi Bai etc, were part of the rally. A board displaying a terrifying child sex ratio 883 per 1000 males gave message of putting a check on female foeticide.


Vijaylaxmi Galundiya, Member of the women cell, informed that along with the rally, creative slogan competition was also organized in which Sarvesha Dasha secured first place, Jain Mitra Mandal, Badi Sadri stood second and Vardhaman Jain Shravika received third prize.

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  1. vijay says

    Chairperson leading a 2-wheeler rally is good but without wearing a safety helmet is criminal.

  2. Avi says

    They are not following the basic traffic rules. They all are without helmets and Mrs. Dangi. She should have set an example for the public. Empowerment is good but safety is also important.


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