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The past food v/s The fast food


Simulate the very moment when tour tongue takes a roll on seeing a plate full of French fries or a big slice of your favorite cheese pizza. Tough moments. Aren’t they?

After cherishing those few moments on your lips, you blame the famous Santosh Pani Puri wala of Gulab Bagh for that extra ounce. Not fair. Your admonishing is not at all warranted on that poor chap.

So yes, the whole point is, of all the above mentioned drama is that fast food or let’s call it fun food has become quite an essential part of our lifestyle. With the big food outlets like McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut and Subway, etc. venturing into Udaipur, the situation might just aggravate more. Although, like everything, there are pros and cons of it too.

How many people would be eager to eat an Aloo Tikki or a Chicken bucket? And how many are in for a more desi version of it at the legendary Rehmaniya hotel?

In a recent random check done on Facebook itself, it was found that half of the people would obviously want to dine at a more clean and sophisticated place at KFC instead of those old eateries.

Tanisha Bhanawat, who is an engineering student, says, “I love eating at McDonalds. It is cleaner. More hygienic and I do not have to worry about the flies and dirt swarming on my food.”

On the other hand, we have a more “tied to the roots” section of people that wouldn’t want the foreign eating joints to open up themselves, as it would destroy the natural sanctity of Udaipur and transform it into just like any other big city.

Mahima Suwalka, a college student says, “Udaipur has got its own identity. McDonalds is okay. Too many such foreign joints would uproot the authenticity of our city and transform it into a similar big city.”

There are already trendsetters like McDonalds and Indian coffee joint Café Coffee Day, etc. that have been doing quite good business in the city. Nonetheless, there also exist those primitive eating stations that still account for a large fraction of people who would want to eat there frequently.

Fast food is something that diverts highly motivated and determined dieters to lose their track. Burgers, French fries and chicken wings would definitely fuel the already rising obesity problems.

“My son has started skipping his night meals. While he comes from tuitions, his affinity to French fries makes him eat at a nearby food station frequently”, says a worried mother in the city itself.

In India, the custom of skipping night meals, courtesy: all the fast food stations; is gradually increasing. And if the same scenario disrupts our city, which it is for sure would, the already fuelling obesity problem would definitely get far enough.

Udaipur is one of those cities in Rajasthan that has been witnessing a great deal of change. In an attempt to cope up with globalization and the changing lifestyles of the people, the city is ready to acquaint and modify itself to the changes around it too.

Nonetheless, there still stands a question. Do we really need big fast food joints to venture into our city and level it up with the other developing fleets of the state? Alternatively, are we happy cherishing Vinod ji ki coffee at Fatehsagar instead of McFloat? It is upto the city dwellers, what would they want to adhere to.

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  1. Arunabh says

    The “Simulation” has already made me hungry, Kriti. Nice article. If Shakespeare was alive he would have penned “To Eat or not to eat that is the questions” wrt to outlets selling junk food. But indulging in all type of food, without over indulging might be the solution for these gastronomic problems, I guess?

  2. Kriti Chauhan says

    Thank you ! And yes exactly…Over doing of everything is fatal. Try everything but there has to be a certain limitation. I have actually seen people eating 20-30 pani puris in one shot. 😀 “Bhaiya aur khilaana” are the only words that come out of them. hahahahha

    • Nash says

      i understand it can lead to some kind of stomach problem but “Yeh Dil mange more, further yeh tongue hai ki manti nahi, I prefer health first but my feet automatically run towards it and i brake there………..but very right have patience always…..Thanks

  3. Nash says

    it has become status bar for youngsters nowadays in Udaipur….everybody running towards it……actually we had it in Metroes but now its Udaipur so it attracts a lot……….



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