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Traditional Toys vs. Modern Toys


The rise of modern toys has gone far beyond the use of traditional toys. There are toys for babies, toddlers and children of all ages. If you visit any online toy store in India, selection becomes difficult as there are simply too many choices.

Today, children spend most of their time playing video games or building Lego sets. They remain unaware about the beauty of the traditional toys that their parents or grandparents played with.

A traditional toy is usually wooden, non-electronic and does not use much technology. On the contrary, modern toys are completely buzzing. They are usually electronic and use some advanced technology.

Think About Skills

There is a tussle that goes on as to which one is better: modern or traditional toys. It should be seen that it is not which toy is better; rather focus should be on how that toy is benefitting the child. The development of the child can be observed through skills like cognitive, gross motor, fine motor and social skills. Then the critical decision of which toy to buy, becomes easier.

Traditional toys like wooden train sets, spinning tops, and skipping ropes are known for their simplicity. They are safer as compared to modern toys. They help children become an active learner and not just wait for another stimulation to appear. Modern toys teach kids with the help of a ‘cause and effect’ phenomenon. These toys help build their motor skills and are also fun to play with.

Both these toys have some shades of grey attached to them as well. Modern toys lack durability and are not very safe. On the other hand, Traditional toys lack introduction to new concepts. So, on a whole it becomes really difficult to choose only one.

Use both types of toys

We can easily make space for both: traditional wooden blocks and modern Barbie dolls. Both these toys are easily available in any toy store or through online toy stores.

These two categories are very diverse by themselves and should not be compared. They both help in the overall development of a child.

A good toy is 90% child

Lastly, as Joan Allan director of the U.S Alliance said, “A good toy is 10% toy and 90% child”. It means that irrespective of what category a toy belongs to, a good toy helps in the optimum development of a child. Keep that in mind the next time you are buying toys.


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