Additional coaches for 7 trains from Udaipur

Coaches to be added to trains on Udaipur sector.

Additional coaches for 7 trains from Udaipur

The increasing pressure on trains this winter season has forced the railway department to add coaches to 7 trains from Udaipur. This addition is however temporary.

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Following the growing pressure of passengers in the tourist season and the long waiting list, railway department has decided to add coaches to trains. This includes 7 trains of Udaipur sector. Train 12982/981 Chetak Express Udaipur-Delhi Sarai-Udaipur will have 1 additional 2nd sleeper coach from Udaipur station beginning 15th December. Train 9601/9602 Udaipur-Jalpaigudi-Udaipur weekly express will have additional 1 coach each for 2nd and 3rd A/C. It may be noted that these coaches are only temporary and have been added for this winter season. We will update you on more details about these trains.

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