Palace on Wheels in Udaipur on 9th September

Palace on Wheels is going to be in Udaipur on 9th September.

Palace on Wheels in Udaipur on 9th September

“Palace on Wheels” the royal train is going to be in Udaipur on 9th September in a new avatar. This new avatar of “Royal Rajasthan on Wheels” is a super luxurious train.

The royal train is expected to leave Jaipur on 6th September and reach Udaipur on 9th September. The train is reaching Lake City when the beauty of the city has been enhanced by overflowing lakes. There is greenery all around making the city look like a perfect hill station. Weather is neither hot nor cold making it even more pleasant for tourists. Tariff has also been revised giving a benefit of 40 thousand to the travellers. The train offers more luxury than before along with a gym for the health conscious.

Palace on Wheels in Udaipur on 9th September

Originally Palace on Wheels had 4 coupes in a bogie, but now the number has been reduced to 3 coupes in the new avatar. Tourist capacity is 82 instead of 104. This change has been made to make the passengers feel much better than before since they will get to enjoy the luxuries more comfortably with less crowd around.

Before the advent of GST, tour operators used to charge 15 percent as VAT and service tax. With the introduction of GST, tour operators will now charge only 5 percent. This is an added advantage for the passengers. The super royal train tariff is 650 USD per person per day which calculates to around 40000 rupees a night (based on equivalent INR). A 7 day tour would cost 2 lakh 80 thousand rupees. This does not include 5 percent GST.

Earlier tariff for Royal Rajasthan on Wheels was 690 USD. As per Pradip Bohra, GM, RTDC, a tourist friendly policy has been initiated by State Government in collaboration with Railways which will provide a benefit of 40 thousand rupees to the passengers.

Source : bhaskarnews

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