Pod hotels to come up at country’s major railway stations

Pod hotels to come up on major railway stations of India from 2020.

Pod hotels to come up at country’s major railway stations

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Indian Railways is coming up with a project of pod (capsule) hotels on the major railway stations of India. The pilot project will begin at Mumbai Central Railway Station. As informed by the railway officials, once this project takes off well at Mumbai, it will be carried forward at Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and stations coming under the “A+” category. The facility will start from the year 2020.

Pod hotels are equipped with all modern facilities. There are a number of beds in a limited space. The word Pod is also referred to as capsule. Passengers who are required to wait at the railway station for an hour or so before boarding the connecting train can avail the facility of these pod hotels. The tariff for these hotels is 700/- per 24 hours. Check-in and check-out time have not yet been decided. Whether the passenger checks in for an hour or 24 hours, the tariff will remain the same. There will be separate rooms for males and females. The size of a pod will be 3’ X 7’. Each pod hotel will have 30 to 40 rooms.

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