Udaipur-Hyderabad flight will not operate in August

Udaipur-Hyderabad flight will not operate in August.

Udaipur-Hyderabad flight will not operate in August

The one and only flight to Hyderabad will not be operating in the month of August. It may be noted that Indigo Airlines flies on Udaipur-Hyderabad sector. Bookings have been closed for August. The flight will restart in the month of September.

 6E-481 leaves Hyderabad at 3:05 pm and reaches Udaipur at 4:45. From here it leaves for Hyderabad at 5:15 pm and reaches Hyderabad at 7 pm. Since this flight will not be operating in August, passengers will now be required to take connecting flights to Hyderabad either from Mumbai or Delhi. The direct flight was very convenient as it took less than 2 hours for Hyderabad. But now hopping flights would increase the travel time.

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Since there is no direct train connection between Udaipur and South India, the Indigo flight was the most welcome option. Stopping of this flight in the month of August will be extremely inconvenient for both domestic and international tourists. Udaipur city has a lot of students moving to Hyderabad for studies. They are going to face issues as their vacation will be cut down because of travelling time and of course the extra expense on hopping flight is not acceptable to all.

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