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Treatment through PTBT starts at Geetanjali Hospital

geetanjali-doctorsFrom Left: Dr. Kapil Vyas, Dr.Prashant Sharma and Dr.Manish Bajaj

Geetanjali Hospital has started serving the patients suffering from Hepatocellular and Post-hepatic jaundice and cancer with PTBT (Percutaneous Transhepatic Biliary Drainage).

The facility is presently available in only two hospitals of Rajasthan and only one in Udaipur region. Patients having cancer tumor and those affected with post-hepatic jaundice will get treated. Before, such patients had to travel to Ahmadabad for treatment.

Dr. Prashant Sharma, Cancer Specialist said, “it is often found that due to cancer tumor, gall bladder gets obstructed which could not be treated even by operation and adds further difficulties.”

The process of PTBT helps relieving toxic bile and gives relief in jaundice. Four patients were successfully treated with the process.

Treatment is conducted by the team of doctors, including Dr. Prashant Sharma, Dr. Manish Bajaj and Dr. Kapil Vyas.

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