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Truck Trailer Gutted in Fire at Kaya


It was a critical situation at the Kaya village on the Udaipur-Ahmedabad highway, when a truck trailer went up in flames near the Kaya Petrol Pump today evening.  The truck driver was saved due to timely action by the locals of the area; however the truck was completely damaged in the fire.


According to sources, the truck caught fire after one of the rear tyres burst, causing the truck to roll on the ground, the contact with the road effecting fire in the fuel tank.  The truck trailer was going towards Ahmedabad.

The locals present at the scene at the time of the accident pulled the driver out of the burning vehicle and called the Fire Brigade.

Two vehicles of the Fire Brigade responded to the scene and after a few hours of rescue operation, the flames were controlled.  A crane service was called from Udaipur to remove the charred truck from the road.

The Goverdhan Vilas police also reached the spot and detained the truck driver.

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