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Twilight Saga's Gorgeous Conclusion


Rating: 7/10

Cast: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner

Movie Reviewed at: PVR Cinemas

Only the rare few devoted fans who sat through the credits of the first part and the book readers knew that the Volturi was returning in the ultimate part of the series. And boy they sure were excited! Twilight series is best known for the controversies it has churned by being incredibly popular among teenagers yet being abysmally poor in the quality of grandiosity it appears to offer. This part, though, can be called the best attempt the team has made so far in the series. The actors have got a little better, the music has finally transformed to a background score as opposed to a random playlist of numbers and the director has learned to focus on the things that matter, which is apparent in the first shot of the film when Bella wakes up from being dead. The editing still is very poor, but that can be easily ignored. The movie follows the novel for a great section of the film but changes course by the end reaching the pinnacle with a splendid twist. Taylor Lautner still hasn’t been able to gather his thoughts about how to act but Robert Pattinson manages pretty well this time. The rest of the family also rises up to the spotlight for the first time to face the keepers of the law of the Vampires. The percentage of romance in this film is relatively less and by the second half the vampires from across the globe, which are called in to help the Cullen family, start exchanging greetings and showing off their powers to one another. It, obviously, ends with the not-so-huge war. The moments Edward and Bella spend together are worth watching for their beautiful chemistry with each other. Jacob and Renesmee is another new couple worth smiling for. But the intensity of love sparks is sure dampened in this part. The digital wolves still feel odd with the real humans but the war is filmed neatly. The goofs are disappointing but not a major turn-off in the flow. The film has already garnered eight largest opening ever and the biggest opening for a film released outside summer. The die-hard fans of the series are going to have a wonderful time watching the 120 minutes extravaganza, and those who’ve read the book (like me) might enjoy it for the imaginative screenplay. It feels great to compare your imagination with the directors. The best part is that if the movie fails, you can always pat your back and feel good because you would have triumphed!
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