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Udaipur Aakashwani Chief Manik Arya Promoted

First IBS officer from Rajasthan cadre to hold the position of Regional Deputy Director General


Director of Aakashwaani Udaipur centre, Manik Arya has been promoted to regional Deputy Director General by Aakashwani Directorate on Wednesday. He will remain posted in Udaipur only.

Manik Arya is Senior Broadcasting Administrative Officer of programe cadre at Indian Broadcasters Services (IBS). He has been in aakashwani at various positions for the last 33 years. He is the first IBS officer from Rajasthan to be posted as the regional Deputy director General.

In his career of 33 years, he has made aakashwani win several National Awards.

Being the son of well-known folk singer and National award winner Mangibai, Manik Arya has always worked for the prosperity of folk artists and his work in this field is remarkable.

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