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Udaipur Couple made Thrilling Journey to Leh on Motorcycle

Let’s meet the most adventurous couple from Udaipur  – Sandeep and Heena Nahar, who’ve just completed a daunting voyage by crossing Leh, Ladakh on motorcycle in their 17 days long journey which started from Udaipur, a month back. khardung-la-couple Riding across 30 cities in 7 Indian states and passing through some of the dodgiest roads, pinching summer, chilling winter and heavy rain, this daring couple has set their own record of being known as the first couple of Udaipur to cross the World’s Highest Motorable Road – Khardung La on motorcycle. Nahars have faced all climatic conditions in their 4280 km journey which started on June 25 and ended on the 11th of July “Going to Leh is a dream of every biker. I was extremely fascinated when I read a biker’s journey to Leh in a travelogue, right that very moment I decided to attempt it, I first tried in 2008, then 2009 and 2010 but every time some or the other problem came in my way and the dream remained a dream. Finally, this time I made it successful, and moreover it is worth cherishing this accomplishment because I did this with my wife” said, Sandeep. Sandeep (31) is a financial consultant while Heena (28) is a housewife. Their family was initially a bit reluctant however finally they agreed to let them to conquer this dream journey. As Sandeep is always passionate about riding long distances on his motorbike, Heena laid her hands to make it a most memorable expedition ever. The journey started just a month back on June 25, 2011 from Udaipur. Their first stopover was Jaipur via kishangarh, chittorgarh. “I was thrilled since the start of our journey; today I am feeling proud to accompany my husband in his dream tour, it was a lifetime experience for me because I had never done such thing before” says Heena. The couple used the following route: Udaipur- Jaipur- Ludhiana – Pathankot- Udhampur – Srinagar – Sonmarg – Zozila Pass- Drass – Kargil – Fotu la (13479 ft)- Leh – Khardungla Top (18380ft) –Panamik – Hunder (Cold desert) – Leh – Changla (Third highest Pass of the World)- Pangong Tso – Karu – Taglang La (17582 ft Second highest Pass of the World) – Pang – Lachulangla (16613 ft)- Baralachala (16042 ft) -Keylong – Rohtang (13044 ft)- Manali – Mandi- Chandigarh – Ambala – Panipat – Rohtak – Jaipur – Udaipur The route was trouble-less till Sonmarg but soon they faced difficulty when they entered Zozilla Pass. For the next 7 km there was no proper road and traffic was high due to several Army vehicles passing on it. After finishing the Zozila Pass, the Nahar’s had to face another toughest pass called drass. Drass is the second coldest inhabited place on earth after Siberia. In winters, temperatures plunges to as low as minus 60 degree Celsius. On 9th day of the journey, i.e., July 3 Sandeep and Heena reached Khardung La,the highest motorable road in the world. sandeep-nahar “It was one most memorable moment when I felt achieving my dream, reaching Khardung La was giving us a win-win feeling. The temperature was 2 degrees but warmth inside our hearts superseded the cold climate” says Sandeep. Unlike other bike riders who generally prefer two-on-a-bike and both knows riding, Sandeep was the only rider and Heena accompanied him just as a pillion rider. Sandeep took the journey single handedly which is another achievement for him. Sandeep says “I am riding bike from last 13 years and have covered long distances like Udaipur to Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Ahmedabad and Abu, so it was not so tough for me riding till Leh, I also took sessions from mechanic to learn what to do if any technical problem occurs”. When asked ‘is it safe to accompany a woman in such a long journey?’ Sandeep said “Yes, only if you’re going with proper planning and avoid riding in night time. In our entire trip, not a single moment we felt that we should not do this. We met very good & cooperative people all the way. We still remember a sign board in Srinagar written ‘Daree Nahi, Yahan pe bhi Insaan rahte hai’ (Don’t be afraid, human being lives here)” By accompanying her husband, Heena Nahar has set an example for other women and also for those biker husbands who avoid such long journeys together. heena-nahar A woman can also go on a bike tour but I suggest them to go with proper planning. It is worth mentioning that we met two young ladies from Israel riding Bullet all the way from Delhi to Leh, if they can do this in our country why not we can do it in our own country, said Heena. The couple is planning for more such tour in near future, this time, with some other places to conquer. This journey will never end for Nahars as Ladhak left many beautiful memories in their hearts. “Who says heaven is only for the dead, come and see Ladhak. It is one heaven on earth ,for all lively people like us,” says Sandeep with a winning smile on his face.
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  1. says

    I love this spirit of adventure and the people who let themselves be guided by it. Kudos to both Sandeep and Heena. :)

    Himalaya is magnificent. It is the most in-your-face lesson in humility that nature has in store for man. My wife and I went trekking to Sar Pass in Himachal this summer. A 70km trek over 7 days in the snowy mountains at 14000 ft height became an unforgettable memory. And all our delusions of being “fit” were shattered competing with the locals, or a 65 year old veteran who put us 20-somethings to shame.

    But then again, it’s not a race. As Edmund Hillary once said, it is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.

    Keep the spirit up :)


  2. Rakesh Purohit says

    even I am planning to go Leh on bike and want to know more details about the trip. congrats to this couple


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