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Udaipur entrepreneur demands Film City


A young entrepreneur of the city has proposed for a Film City in Udaipur. The letter of proposal was recently sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Vasudhra Raje. If the project gets approval, it will help boost tourism across city along with employment.

Mukesh Wadhwani, Director, Ashoka Events, informed, “Lake City has always been a prominent shooting spot for both Bollywood and Hollywood movies. In past few years, over 15 big budget movies were filmed in Udaipur and have around 4 lined up for current year.”

Mukesh added, “Under such circumstances, it is very viable to have a dedicated place to shoot. The project will improve city’s economy along with a tourism boost. The pre-constructed studios will also provide employment to hundreds of Udaipurites. Film making is a never ending business, which can even stand through recession.”


Mukesh Wadhwani is closely related to event business and has played major role in shooting of many movies in past few years. After an experience of more than 15 years, Mukesh took a stand of facilitating city with a Film City.

The letter was forwarded to Prime Minister and Chief Minister along with proposals and project reports. The project requires around 50 acres of land.

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    This is more of a sponsored post..” ….Mukesh took a stand of facilitating city with a Film City….”.
    This is deplorable reporting, more of an individual’s advertisement.


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