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Udaipur Fascinates Israeli Cyclists

cyclist-israeliBeing one of the most beautiful tourist destinations, Udaipur attracts many people from various parts of the world. Udaipur city, well known for its diversity of culture and natural biodiversity, is famous among travelers from western countries such as UK, USA, Australia and South Africa.

Though most of the visitors come down using traditional transport like roadways and Air routes, trend of using Bikes, Bicycle and Scooters as mode of travel is increasing.

Following the same trend, Assaf Drori (22) and Issac Breitmen (21) from Israel used Bicycle to discover Udaipur and India as a whole. They had started from Nepal around a month back on 16th December, reached city of lakes on 15th January after pedaling through northern states of the country including Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Jalandar, Chandigarh, Delhi etc. They cycle with an average distance of 100 km a day and they will conclude in Goa.

Assaf said, “Before landing in Udaipur, we decided to stay here for 2-3 days, which has now extended to more than a week”.


Both Assaf and Issac dwell in Jerusalem, Israel and have completed 3 years compulsory service in Israel Army. They both are nature lovers and passionate about bicycle. The duo expressed that to make tour more adventurous they have used bicycle and before starting expedition of India, they explored China for two months.

In past one month Assaf and Issac discovered many parts of the country; among all the visited places Issac loved Puskar whereas Assaf found Udaipur worth visited in coming years. They also added that India is among the most preferred across Israel for travel because of its amazing hospitality and cultural diversity.

Issac said, “We came across many people and most amazing fact that we found was that are very helpful, also very hard workers”.

With a wonderful experience of their Indian expedition, both have tasted variety of cuisines; Assaf fell in love with ‘Dal Batti’ while Issac discovered mouthwatering Punjabi Dishes as one of his favorites. Sharing a few bitter incidences, Issac and Assaf had a road mishap, though they didn’t got hurt majorly. They added that some parts UP were horribly unsafe so had to skip those places in buses or other local transport.

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