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Udaipur Police Continues Drive against Encroachers


On the second consecutive day of the movement, launched to eradicate traffic problems in the city caused by shopkeepers and motorists, city police marched several areas, including Bapu Bazar, Delhi Gate, Hathipol, Town Hall road, Dhanmandi etc. in two separate implementations started from morning and concluded at evening.

Police team has acted strictly on vehicles parked inappropriately and also seized goods of shopkeepers, who had spread their shops outside on road and doing illicit encroachment.

6 people were slapped with challans under 60 Police Act, while others were instructed to keep their periphery clean and help in reducing traffic problem.

Most of the people supported the police action, whereas some took it just as a ‘formality’ and not a permanent solution to get rid of pathetic traffic, citizens of Udaipur are facing day by day.


Inder Singh Mehta, Patron of Jewelry association Udaipur, said, “I believe the operation of the police is more of a formality specially in the area of Ghanta Ghar as encroachment was made near Ghanta Ghar by vehicles that were taken into custody by the police department itself, under various criminal cases; those vehicles should be first shifted to the open area Police Stations, like Hiran Magri or Hathipol, but over all for the city people I am really happy”.

First team of police marched towards Surajpol Chowki-Bapu Bazar-Delhi Gate (control room)-Ashoka Bakery-JMB-Surajpol Chowki. While, the second team of police re-inspected the areas covered yesterday.

Police teams consisting of several thanas including Ghantaghar, Hathipol, Dhanmandi, Ambamata and Surajpol, jointly executed the task under direction of Kaluram Rawat AdSP and Dayanand Saran DySP.


What Police Objected? Shopkeepers keeping their goods outside shop Shopkeepers Placing Banner, standees on Road Shopkeepers stretching their counters beyond their shop’s limit Motorists Parking vehicles in no-parking areas or parking inappropriately Roadside Vendors on Thela



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