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Udaipur Youth makes 'Virtual Corporate' to promote Local Brands


To promote the local business brands and products, a team of young students has initiated a concept to gain collaborative panorama of developing business brands and at the same time, to generate job vacancies for youth.

Calling it Virtual Corporate, the group announced their initiative today in a press conference. Student leaders from many universities and college organizations took part in the meeting to understand the model, which they believe, will create a new revolution in the country.

Initiated by Gowrav Vishwakarma, Managing Director of Xavoc International – an IT company based in Udaipur, the concept attracted the audience present at the meeting.

“Students of Udaipur have taken the responsibility of Desh Vikas (developing our nation); the movement is not about announcing strikes, protesting or demonstrating our frustration for growing inflation, unemployment and other problems that we face every day but it is about generating jobs and promoting local businesses”, says Gowrav.

While explaining further, he said, “We are going to promote and market local products and brands on international market, for this, we will employee local youth, by this we can give direct benefit to both – the company and the young professional.”


We have specially designed events to promote local products through social media games and also made a website for local products. Students will be trained by the team of Desh Vikas only, said Gowrav.

Pankaj Borana, President, Central Student Union, MLSU; Rajesh Sharma; Dheerendra Sisodiya, Student Leader, Law College; Narendra Singh Khamor, Student Leader, Pacific; Devendra Singh Patiya, Ex-President, Bhupal Nobels; Neelesh Sharma, President, Student Union, Science College, MLSU; Jogendra Singh Shaktawat, President, Commerce College, MLSU; Tarun Bhatnagar, Ex-Joint Secretary, Student Union, Bhupal Nobles; Vaibhav Nagar, Founder, Dev Pushp Kripa Sansthan; Surendra Singh Panwar and many others joined hands for this initiative today.

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