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Udaipurites Assemble to pray for the Brave Soul


Nowhere to go with their mourning hearts, Udaipurites gathered at Fatehsagar paal and held a candle march today evening.

Communicating over the Facebook, the volunteer groups put their efforts into reaching as many citizens as possible and invited everyone to offer condolence and express their grief for the deceased rape victim.


Members of two local clubs, Youth club and Lots of Laugh, along with many other people expressed their pain and agony by lightening the candles at 6:30 PM at Fateh Sagar. Onlookers also joined these people and made a human chain along the full length of FS paal.


After the heinous incident, the girl fought for her life for 12 days. But alas! She succumbed to her grievous injuries at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore on Saturday.














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  1. vijay says

    UT, an event well covered. Some comments made by those who were present and documented by your team should have been inserted.

  2. vijay says

    None of our elected representatives have made a comment , very unfortunate!
    MP – Ms Kiran Maheshwari.
    MLA – Mr Gulab C Kataria
    MLA (Rural) – Ms Sajjan Katara
    UIT Chairperson: Ms Rajni Dangi
    Are all of you waiting for the HIGH COMMAND to send you a message to be read? Announce a date , time and place and I am sure majority of us would come to hear your stand on this shameful act committed, not only, in Delhi and in your constituency too.
    CP Sb, it is time to look ahead on what ‘road’ we are travelling? It surely is dangerous and slippery.
    Girija di, what is your comment on this shame on India? Specially as former Chairperson of Women’s Rights?
    We need a change, but unfortunately we (middle class) are minority , living in cities , the rural area is the vote bank for most politicians, including Soniaji and Rahul .

  3. Wellwisher says

    Upper wale se ummid rakho, ye san neta sirf kursi per betne or aram farmane ke liye hi aye hai. Well hum apne kerm ker hi rahe hai, isliye baki sab us GOD per chodo. In netao ko humne hi banaya hai, next kiya ker kerna hai, ye aap sab log soch lo.

  4. Deep agrawal says

    I am with the thought behind this march.This is not against govt.
    1. this is against the EVIL,which is in all of us.
    2. this is against some short manners raised in our mind for another human.
    3. this is against all movies which force us to be evil.
    4, this is against all bad friendship who make us like this.
    5. this is against me who is not obeying my sanskar.

    I need to be changed,really my self need to be changed.


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