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UIT Hosts High Level Meeting, several Decisions on Development of Udaipur

uit-meetMajor decisions for city’s development came rolling over the desk of Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) today in a high level meeting held between top UIT officials and Municipal Council’s ward councilors.

The three hour long discussions indicated major developments in the city including development and improvement of road networks, sewage lines, land allotments, and renovations of some of the roads and circles.

UIT officials approved many points which were put ahead in a meeting that was held on 12 September 2012.

Some top notch APPROVALS are as follows:

1. Pratap Nagar Flyover Design Tender Process will start soon

2. Rs.200 Crore Project to come under RUIDP

3. Cement Concrete Road for Bhuwana Village

4. Rs.8400 Bonus for all UIT Employees

5. Electricity Department Employees will get plots at Navratan Complex and Dhol ki Pati

6. Ayad Bridge will be widened

7. Ramada Resort to renovate Rampura Chouraha

8. Government School at Kalarohi to get additional land for classes and playground

9. Uttrakhand Samiti to get 6000sq ft land under Indira Gandhi Nagar Yojna (South Extension)

10. The remaining work of Lake overflow at Goverdhan Vilas will be done under Central Area Residential Extension Scheme

11. New tenders were proposed for taking care of Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Park

Besides approving and sanctioning several important projects, UIT also reached state administration requesting positive response on constructing Sewerage Treatment Plant from Hathipol to Manvakheda and dispersal of sewer lines at all lake side residential areas.

Flyover at Pratap Nagar- UIT looks positive in construction of flyover at Pratap Nagar, although the work of flyover is lengthy and should go systematically. For this, the design of flyover will be selected through tender and later an official will be appointed for consultation.

All big projects, which estimate to be more than several lacs of rupees, will come under RUIDP (Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project). According to sources, Rs.200 Crore will get sanctioned under RUIDP for Udaipur soon.

Bhuwana Village road at present is in frail condition and it is not possible to renovate the road, so UIT has decided to construct a 700 meter stretched road of cement and concrete.

The 100 years old bridge above Ayad River, which connects city from University road, 100 ft road and Shobhagpura etc, is experiencing high traffic congestion. For this, UIT has decided to widen the bridge after the proposal given by ward councilor Rekha Mali; though the work will be done only after thorough inspection.

R.P Sharma, secretary UIT said, “There are two religious tombstones, one a Mazar and other is Dewra which are made near the bridge. So, first we will talk to the concerned authorities of both religions and then decide for widening the bridge.”

UIT has also approved the request of Ramada Hotel and Resort for hotel’s interest in beautifying the Rampura Chouraha circle.

The meeting was held under the leadership of UIT Chairman Roop Kumar Khurana and Secretary R.P Sharma. Ward Councilors from Municipal Council insisted UIT to look upon the matter of damaged road at sector 14 and to add wide water pipe line for resident of ward 31; the existing pipe line is 3 inch wide and made of cement.

In another proposal from Municipal Council, where the councilors asked UIT to give them authority of community hall at sector 4 which is under UIT, the UIT officers refused the demand.

In other several sanctions, UIT approved land for Sindhi Samaj. It sanctioned land for 13 individuals who were based at Reti Stand; they will now get land at Railway Line.

State Higher Secondary School, Kala Rohi will get additional land for construction of classes and space for play ground.

Other than everything else, there is also a good news for the employees of UIT who will get bonus of more than eight thousand rupees and employees of electrical department who will get land at Dhol ki Pati and Navratan Complex.

After approving several important projects, many are still left ignored or kept pending for later.

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