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UMC Fiscal Budget Announced For Session 2013-14


With almost a negligible amount incurred on development of city in present financial year concluding after 1 ½ month, Finance Committee of UMC has proposed nearly Rs. 200 crore to be spent in the coming financial year. The Council failed to spend even 50% of the amount of budgets of sessions from 2010-2013, now demanding a rise of 28% compared with Rs. 152 crore budget of 2012-13.

According to the balance sheets of Municipal Council published in the budget meeting, showcasing total income and expenditure under various heads in current fiscal, the least amount of Rs. 32 crore has been spent on development work across town.

A notable raise has been proposed in tax levied on Hotels and City Development, along with house permission fees. While sewerage tax amount pending from 2009-2012 will be decided as per orders of state government; an independent head for Golf Car in Gulab Bhag is sanctioned.

Kiran Jain, Member of Committee complained that no review meet for spending on budgets is organised, she emphasised that a review of spent and balance funds must be kept in every 3 months. This is to ensure that development work is well monitored and the due amount is spent and recorded in its respective head.

Under the head of Annual Deepawali fair Rs. 65 lac is projected as against Rs. 40 lac spent in last year. On the other hand, around 50 wedding grounds failing on legal grounds after a survey are expected to generate revenue of around Rs. 50 lac in the coming year, while 35 other grounds will pay Rs. 20,000 once in every 5 years.

Revenue of Rs. 73.68 crore sanctioned by the State finance commission in December will be released in accounts in coming session; whereas in NLCP, council will receive Rs. 3.5 crore for De-weeding Machine and Rs. 1.25 crore for Floating Fountains. Further, the head of Labour Resting Shade will be removed as grants were not allotted by the State Government.

A street food project recently approved by the Central Government will be started with an investment of 75% by Council, in which Rs. 4 crore will be given by Indian government, Council will also be receiving Rs 5 crore for buying Hydraulic Ladder from State sanction.

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  1. the stupid common man says

    This is a serious situation. Unable to spend 50 % of the budget when there is need for development all over. The streets need to be done up, the open nallas need to be covered , something constructive has to be done about stray animals, solid waste management has to be improved , the list is endless. Appears like our council and the members are not doing their work sincerely.
    The only option for the stupid common man is to wait for the next election and choose a similar set of netas.


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