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UMC Seizes Hotel Land due to illicit construction


In a disciplinary action against the on-going construction in prohibited areas, which are declared by Rajasthan High Court as ‘No Construction Zone’, Udaipur Municipal Council (UMC) stopped a construction activity at a land in Naga Nagri this morning.

UMC seized a Plot of Prabhu Pratap Singh on orders of UMC Commissioner. The squad noticed that the land owner was making rooms and bathroom on the plot that adjoins his restaurant Ambrai.


The squad was instructed to seize the vacant land only and to not demolish any construction. However, Pratap Singh has agreed to demolish the illegal construction himself.

It can be foreseen from the UMC Commissioner, Satynarayan Acharya’s statement-“We will be acting strictly upon such illegal constructions in various parts of the city”-that more action from the UMC in this field would be noticed soon.

2 years ago

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