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Urban Areas neglected in Master Plan 2031


In an initiative for preparing a better Master Plan 2031, Udaipur Municipal Corporation has requested the state government to extend the date by 15 days, so that more valuable suggestion can be received from the locals. Following the same, a common meeting was called this evening in the seminar hall of UMC, where local corporaters participated to give suggestions of their respective wards.

Today, in this meeting called for taking suggestions for upcoming master Plan 2031, most of the city areas along with prevailing problems were neglected and no appropriate provisions were made.

In the meeting called by Mayor RajniDangi, corporators along with their suggestions stressed on including urban parts, where priority must be given to sewerage, traffic, road network and no-construction zone.

Udaipur Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) is preparing final outlines of Master Plan 2031, drafted on 24th July this year which will cover nearly 125 Villages around the city, covering total area of about 650Sq Km. On implementation of the Plan, UMC governed area would increase to around 100sqkm, presently which is 65sqkm including all the 55 wards.

According to Dinesh Shrimali, Leader (opposition),” UIT must also include or make provisions for No-Construction Zone, so that dwellers of the area can carry out required repairing works of their respective houses, located on banks of Lake Pichola and fatehsagar mainly.”

Archana Sharma, Corporator, BJP, suggested that a proper sewerage system should take over existing one, so that a check can be applied on ever increasing water pollution. She moreover suggested making provisions for facilitating parks and gardens in empty spaces of the town.

Mohammad Ayub Khan, Corporator, Congress, advocated on solving traffic problems of the city areas. He also suggested that all those houses which are in fragile conditions and at least 50 years old must be demolished, and their re-construction should be provisioned in the Master Plan.

Prem Singh Shaktawat, Corporator, BJP, recommended improving quality of road network within the city. As Udaipur is a tourist destination, it can leave a bad impression to its visitors with bumpy roads.

Correction: All houses which are in fragile conditions and 50 years old should be demolished. Before it was written “50 year old buildings should be demolished”. We apologize for the mistake.

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  1. vijay says

    Good to not note that Municipal Corporation has made a request to extend the date by 15 days. Though 15 days may not be enough as the copy of Master Plan is available only recently. The cost of the document is also Rs 500.00, this will keep at least 80% out of the loop. That means only 20% of the people will be deciding the fate of 80%! Is this democratically acceptable?
    Some suggestions:
    1. Let the Master Plan be available to more people. This can be done by giving 10 or more copies of the document to all the ward Councillors. Free or chargeable to the Parshad.
    2, Parhad should make a public announcement and present the Master Plan.
    3, If there are periphery villages i the master plan, they should be notified by electronic and print media.

  2. Shuja says

    The rural area is a key area for earning lot of money by bhumi mafiaso of Udaipur but old city only need budget for imnprovments. Who cares?

  3. Waswo says

    “He also suggested that all those houses which are at least 50 years old must be demolished, and their re-construction should be provisioned in the Master Plan.”….I’m sorry, but I am laughing out loud at the utter stupidity of this comment. The value of a structure cannot be determined by age alone. That ought to be obvious.


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