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Vaishya Mahasammelan Concludes With Oath Ceremony

Vaishya1Vaishya Community organised an oath taking ceremony today at Town Hall where Jain, Maheshwari, Agrawal and Khandelwal castes came together to act against the ill practice of reservation and to support the financial growth of the country. A number of representatives from these merged communities took charge of their positions to serve the society.

With a population share of around 30 crores across the country, three major communities of Udaipur claimed that in spite of playing a lead role in the financial development of the nation, community people face problems like Murders, Loot, Kidnapping and Income tax raids frequently.

Vaishya2In the oath ceremony, around 22 elected members were appointed at various positions as representatives of their community who will be working for empowering students and fighting against reservation in government jobs and other places.

Vaishya3In this mass meeting, prominent leaders such as Kiran Maheshwari, State Head, BJP, Gulab Chand Katariya, Opposition Leader, BJP and V.K Ladiya, social activists showed their presence.

2 years ago

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