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Various Programs on Nav Samvatsar 2069


The preparation for the four day mass celebrations to welcome the Hindu New Year (Nav Samvatsar) 2069 has started in various parts of the city. Various programs including street plays, processions, honoring ceremonies and street dance performances by school students will take place in the event including a mass firework display on the 22nd of March to welcome the New Year on the 23rd of March.

While providing detailed information of the program, Dr. Pradeep Kumawat, National Secretary of the organizing committee said, “this year we are going to celebrate the occasion more fervently with many events and activities that are scheduled to take place.”

The New Year celebration program is jointly organized by Nav Varsh Samaroh Samiti, Udaipur Municipal Corporation and the Alok Institute.


Day1 (March 20, 2012): Nukkad Natak, ‘Padharjo Sa!’

According to Dr. Kumawat, ‘Padharjo Sa’ is a theme to invite the local public to join in the celebrations. The artists will host the show in different areas of the city and will invite everyone to the fête in a very different and friendly way. Yellow rice, which is considered auspicious and is also a way of giving respect will be distributed during the street play.

On Tuesday, 20th March, “Padharjo Sa” will start at 9 am at all key places of the city including Shastri Circle, Bank Tiraha, Madhuban, Hathipol, Anand Plaza, Sector-4, Mulla Talai, Fatehpura, Fatehsagar and Gulab Bagh.

Day2 (March 21, 2012): Commencing of New Year Celebration with Saptrang Saptsvar

Dr. Kumawat has informed that the second day will showcase a non-stop dance performance by approximately 1,200 students of the Alok Institute at the Fatehsagar Paal (Overflow gate end), to be followed by the Pagdi Decoration Competition.

“1200 students will present “Bhartiyam Alok” and “Saptrang Saptsvar” where they will dance nonstop on 16 songs; the program will be held at 5pm”, said Dr. Kumawat.

To adhere with our tradition, “Apni Pagdi Sajao Pratiyogita” a turban competition will be held on the same day. It is the third year of the competition, where the winners will get prizes up to Rs.25,000. The program will be organized in association with Rotary Club while Bharat Vikas Parishad will coordinate the event.

The second day of the program will end with a firework display.

On the same day, seven soldiers from the Indian Army will be honored for their contribution in serving the nation.

Day3 (March 22, 2012): Jyoti Kalash Yatra

A procession will be carried out in order to create awareness among people on why and how to celebrate Nav Samvatsar. The procession will be divided into two parts; one will reach Gangaur Ghat and the other will end at Shree Dwarkadhish Dham.

The center of the attraction will be the Kalash, which will be brought from Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh.

At Ghangaur Ghat, a mass celebration will also take place on the same day as the procession will conclude at the Ghat amidst fireworks.

Day4 (March 23, 2012): Swagatam 2069

Dr. Pradeep Kumawat has said that over 5,000 students of Alok School will be stationed on most of the city circles to greet every passer on the occasion of Nav Samvatsar by offering them Tilak, etc. Before that, pooja will be offered at the Jagdish Mandir.

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