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Vedanta Khushi: The Heroes of Malla Talai

khushi-vedanta1Towards the end of two-day on-location workshop conducted by VEDANTA KHUSHI, when the volunteers were about to leave, a unanimous call was heard coming from the participating children, saying, “Sir, hamara school khulwa dijiye, hume padhna hai” – Sir, please open our school, we want to study.

On the otherwise eventful second day of VEDANTA KHUSHI’s on-location workshop with the street children of Mulla Talai in Udaipur, children kept the promise they made on Friday (the first day of workshop) and almost 80% of the children came well bathed, brushed teeth, combed hair and some with ironed clothes.

Children were super excited for the workshop and the support received from their parents confirmed that they had a lot of interest in the activity which was being conducted for the first time in their locality.


Sketch books and wax colors were distributed to every participant and the kids made a full use of them. Once the painting was over, best 10 drawings, 5 from girls and 5 from boys were awarded a pencil box with a pencil, eraser, sharpener and a ruler.

Finally, after the 3 hours session, as part of nutrition program, hygienically packed fruits were distributed to every single child.

This workshop was aimed at sensitizing these children, who were in the age group of 2-15 years, about the health, education and nutrition issues.

For more information about VEDANTA KHUSHI initiative, please check Khushi Care for the Underprivileged Children

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