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[Video] Expats in fear as Kuwait police conducts raids

kuwait-jailKuwait’s over 2 million expats are living in strain after the series of raids conducted by security officials for checking legalities of foreign residents. Hundreds of people have already been arrested from several areas of Kuwait under various charges.

Foreign residents who approached UT termed the movement ‘oppressive’ and alleged that Kuwaiti forces are even raiding houses late in the night. They are holding electric shock sticks and hammering the sleeping people.

Policemen are conducting surprise checks in working places, offices, shops or public places. Unauthorized drivers, petty traders without proper documents and ID and jobless expats are being targeted.

According to sources, Kuwait is trying to reform all laws for expats including driving, labour and residence laws. 200 people, mostly Indians, have already been arrested and many have been deported to the native countries.

Most of the Rajasthani Indians are staying in the areas of Sharq, Bneid Al Gar and Mirqab.

Similar raids were conducted earlier in September 2012.


A large number of Udaipurites are working in Kuwait. Families and friends in Homeland are in continuous touch with them and praying for their safety.

An Udaipurite living in Kuwait informed that, “The recent checking is the hottest topic in Kuwait. The security officials have been given a target to detain 1 Lakh expats by any way.”

“We came here to financially support our family in India, but working in Kuwait is getting worse day by day. The case is more so grave for those with no education qualifications or no money to get Shaaun Visa” said an Indian expat on condition of anonymity.

Precautionary messages are flowing across mobile apps like Whatsapp to be aware of checking and to keep ready the required documents to be presented at the time of raid.

Beware of the below during recent checking 1. Police can check any VOIP call software on your mobile if they catch you… people have been kept in police station for making VOIP calls. 2. Check your car’s daftar to know whether it is a 4, 5, 6 or 7 seater… do not over crowd the car more than the permitted capacity 3. Do not drop your friends/relatives to airport ….  Police is holding driver in the name of private taxi 4. Police is coming inside the flats during early hours like 2 am, 3am and can ask for marriage certificate if you are a family and other documents. 5. Bachelors staying in sharing should avoid sharing flats with other families or friends. 6. Do not take a private taxi … or lift from unknown. 7.  Last but not the least , you can be held if civil id address does not matches your residential address.

Video of expats detained by Kuwait security officials.

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