0.75” of rainfall in 30 minutes in Udaipur city

Rains hinder with road-repair work.

0.75” of rainfall in 30 minutes in Udaipur city

Strong winds followed by rain was the scene on Monday afternoon around 4 p.m. The day began with a clear weather but post 3:45 p.m. thunder and strong blowing winds changed the scene of the day. The city experienced 0.75 inches of rainfall in 30 minutes.

The gates of Fatehsagar had to be lifted by 10 cms and the best part is that the level of Badi Lake has touched 30.6 feet mark. It is just a little away from the overflowing point. Mansi Vakal and Akodara dam and other dams are also receiving water constantly.

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The disappointing part is that the repair work of roads in the city had begun. Now that the rains have once again started pouring in, the work will have to be on hold till the roads dry completely. If it keeps on raining this way, the repair work will have to wait until Diwali. It may be noted that a budget of 12 crores has been approved for the repair and maintenance of roads.

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