2 inches of rainfall recorded in Jaisamand

Jaisamand had 55 mm of rain on Sunday.

2 inches of rainfall recorded in Jaisamand

The past 2 days were dry in Udaipur city, yet rainfall was experienced in some areas around Udaipur. Jaisamand had 55 mm of rainfall and Kejad measured 70 mm of rainfall on Sunday. Most of the water bodies in Mewar region are getting water from the catchment areas. There is likelihood that the monsoon season will bid goodbye by 13th October.

Jodhpur experienced hail storm on Sunday. Monsoon was actually supposed to bid farewell by 15th September but it has stayed active even in the month of October. We have received 47 % more than average rainfall.

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Since Jaisamand was overflowing, people spent their weekend having fun time at Jaisamand. Tourists also rushed to this beautiful spot. The dangers cannot be overlooked where tourists were seen climbing onto the elephant statues to take a plunge into the lake. Though the security forces tried their level best to stop the public from doing so, their pleas fell on deaf ears. The road to Jaisamand had a massive traffic jam and people were stuck for hours altogether.

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