4th phase of monsoon likely to be active next week

Keep your fingers crossed for the 4th phase of monsoon next week.

4th phase of monsoon likely to be active next week

Though there has been more than average rainfall in Udaipur, yet the lakes haven’t experienced overflowing waters as the catchment areas still need more water. Fatehsagar and Pichola need more water for the overflow. As per data received, Fatehsagar needs 281mcft and Pichola needs 91 mcft water for the overflow. The dams filling these lakes have only 182 mcft of water which includes the dead storage of water.

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As per Water Resource department, Pichola has received 392 mcft water as compared to its capacity of 483 mcft. It still needs 91 mcft. Fathsagar has received 146 mcft as compared to 427 mcft of its capacity. The met department says that the 3rd phase of monsoon has ended and the 4th one is likely to begin next week. It is being hoped that the 4th phase will prove to be a boon and that the lakes will experience the situation of overflow which is much needed this year.

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