Bada Madar overflows-Fatehsagar at 4.5 feet

Fatehsagar touched 4.5 feet on Friday.

Bada Madar overflows-Fatehsagar at 4.5 feet

After extreme humidity in the city, certain areas experienced mild to heavy rainfall. As per reports, the city experienced 14 mm of rain whereas Nai area had 20 mm rain on Friday afternoon. This made Bada Madar overflow though not with the expected speed. More rains are needed in the catchment areas for a good flow. Water is still flowing into Fatehsagar through Swaroop Sagar linking canal and the level of the lake has gone to 4.5 feet.

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On Friday morning, Madar needed 1 inch of water to fill it up to its capacity. Since the water from the catchment was flowing into it, the west side of the canal started overflowing by afternoon. This has created hopes towards the filling of Fathesagar Lake. The catchment areas need heavy rainfall for a speedy overflow of the Madar canals. Chota Madar also needs 2 inches of water after which it will overflow. This will also give water to Fatehsagar. Pichola is constantly getting water from Sisarma.

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