Badi Lake touches 24 feet-Vallabhnagar dam about to overflow

Praying for Badi Lake to get full soon.

Badi Lake touches 24 feet-Vallabhnagar dam about to overflow

Vallabhnagar dam is the next blessed dam. It is about to overflow as Udaisagar is constantly feeding this dam. On Monday both the gates of Udaisagar were lifted which filled up Vallabhnagar dam to 18 feet 6 inches. The capacity of the dam is 19 feet 6 inches. Since the dam is continuously getting water, it is likely to overflow soon.

Once Vallabhnagar dam overflows, there is a good chance for water inflow in Badgaon dam. Badgaon dam has only 9 feet of water as compared to its capacity of 25 feet. Water level in this dam depends on Vallabhnagar dam. The smaller canals around do not provide enough water to Badgaon dam.

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Badi lake has almost touched the 24 feet mark. It may be noted that Badi Lake has a capacity of 32 feet. It is being fed by Morvania River. If the catchment areas get more rain, the lake will soon get full. Akodara Dam which has a capacity of 60 feet is at 41 feet now. Pichola and Fatehsagar are getting water from Sisarma and Madar.

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