Bagoliya dam level rises by 3 feet in 4 days

Bagolioya dam gets 3 feet water.

Bagoliya dam level rises by 3 feet in 4 days

Chittor, Pratapgarh and Banswara are still getting heavy rain showers. Other parts of Udaipur district are experiencing less rainfall as compared to these areas. The good part is that Bagoliya dam in Mavli which was almost dry during the entire monsoon phase received a good amount of water. As per reports received, the Bagoliya dam level rose by 3 feet in 4 days’ time.

Thursday passed as a dry day but on Friday again certain areas experienced clouds since early morning and it rained around 9 a.m. on Friday which lasted for around 2 hours. Until this time, Bagoliya dam was below SIL level. The past 4 days proved to be good and the dam’s level rose by 3 feet. The dam has a capacity of 21.5 feet.

Apart from this, Badgaon dam is also receiving water. The dam with a capacity of 25 feet has now touched the level of 14.5 feet. This dam provides water to Chittorgarh.

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