Fatehsagar touches 3.5 feet-Rain in Jaisamand and Udaisagar

Level of Fatehsagar is rising.

  Fatehsagar touches 3.5 feet-Rain in Jaisamand and Udaisagar

Udaipur city area is waiting for another spell of rain. There on the other hand, the level of Fatehsagar has touched 3.5 feet and there are all the possibilities of a good rise in the water level. Pocket rain continues in the district and there have been reports of mild rainfall in some areas. Jaisamand got 29 mm of water and Udaisagar got 40 mm of rain last night. Madar might soon experience the beauty of overflow.

Fatehsagar is getting its share of water through constant inflow in Swaroop Sagar link. The dry lake bed is now almost covered with water. Pichola is getting water through Sisarma which is still flowing at 2.5 feet. Bada Madar has a capacity of 24 feet and the countdown has begun with its level going at 23.4. It has received 4 inches of water in the past 24 hours. Chota Madar still needs 7 inches of water for the overflow but the water inflow in it has slowed down. Praying for a good spell of rain to give the city its beauty back by filling all the lakes…

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