Heavy rain in Ubeshwar ji-Badi crosses 25 feet

Badi Lake crosses 25 feet.

Heavy rain in Ubeshwar ji-Badi crosses 25 feet

Tuesday was quite a humid day in the city. It was during evening that Ubeshwar ji and Morwania river area experienced heavy rainfall. Morwania River was in full swing as a result of the rain showers and Badi Lake started receiving more water taking its level beyond 25 feet. It may be noted that Badi Lake has a capacity of 32 feet.

On Tuesday, clouds were present the entire day but did not bring any rain in the city. Humidity level rose as the rainy season started receding. Since Swaroop Sagar is now flowing at 1 ft, the gates have been closed. Both Madars are still overflowing giving more water to Fatehsagar; hence the gates were lifted by 1 inch. To maintain the water level in Fatehsagar Lake, the gates will now be lifted only during the day time. If the level of Fatehsagar goes beyond 13’4”, water starts entering Nehru garden. This is the main reason why the gates of Fatehsagar need to be lifted.

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