Humidity in Udaipur city-Rain in Jhadol

Humidity increases in Udaipur in the absence of rain.

Humidity in Udaipur city-Rain in Jhadol

Udaipur city faced extreme humidity levels on Monday as the entire day was cloudy. The maximum temperature recorded in the city was 36.2 degrees where minimum was 25.6 degrees. Humidity made the public too uncomfortable and people could be seen wiping sweat every minute. Some areas witnessed mild rain which brought no relief.

On the other hand, Jhadol witnessed rain for almost half an hour. 22 mm rain was recorded in Jhadol area. Water flow in the lakes and rivers is still awaited as it has not yet rained in the catchment areas. There is an urgent need of rainfall in the Lake City the absence of which will result in shortage of drinking water. The city is already beginning to lose its beauty and this will also affect Udaipur tourism to a great extent.

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