Mansi Vakal dam gets water from Madri dam

Madri dam water flows towards Mansi Vakal dam.

Mansi Vakal dam gets water from Madri dam

Madri dam with a capacity of 34 feet started overflowing on Sunday. This is good news for Mansi Vakal dam as the water is now moving towards it. Mansi Vakal dam plays an important role in the supplies of drinking water to a big part of Udaipur.

Even Udaisagar had plenty of rainfall which provided water to Vallabnagar dam after the constant overflow. The level of Vallabhnagar has now touched 17 feet. Since the catchment areas are still getting rain, the level of Sisarma River is increasing day by day. It may be noted that Udaisagar may be in for trouble if it continues to rain in the catchment areas. This is because the path of water flow from Udaisagar is quite narrow. Even if both the gates are lifted, water flow will not gain speed and the backwaters will prove to be dangerous for the villages and the fields. There was a flood like situation in 2006 because of this issue. Devas (I) has touched 28 feet; Akodara is at 39 feet…it still needs 21 feet water.

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