Rain in catchment area-Swaroop Sagar overflows again

Rains in the catchment areas are a boon for Badi Lake.

Rain in catchment area-Swaroop Sagar overflows again

Ubeshwar ji area is still experiencing rain which is a good sign for Badi Lake. Sisarma is still flowing at 2 feet as a result of which Swaroop Sagar has started overflowing once again. Fatehsagar is also overflowing since Madar canal is flowing at 2 feet. The gates of Fatehsagar are closed at midnight 12 and re-lifted during the day time.

The beauty of overflowing Fatehsagar is attracting tourists even more during the afternoon hours. Morvania River is also experiencing constant flow and is giving water to Badi Lake. Badi has touched 25.6 feet. On Wednesday night, Morvania area received rains along with strong winds and a number of trees fell with the impact. Crops have also suffered in a number of areas.

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