Rains continue in Udaipur-Sisarma flows at 4 feet

Heavy rains lash Udaipur.

Rains continue in Udaipur-Sisarma flows at 4 feet

It is the end of September and rains still continue to lash Udaipur. Normally monsoon recedes by this time but it seems it is not in a mood to do so. Monday 30th September rains began to show their form early morning as drizzle. By afternoon it started with a heavy down pour continuing the entire night.

8 mm rain was recorded in Udaipur city, Madar also had 8 mm, Udaisagar had 10 mm, Nai had 11 mm and Jhadol topped the list with 31 mm. Sisarma started flowing at 4 feet and water level has risen in both Mansi Vakal and Jaisamand. Badgaon dam is now at 23’6” as it received half a feet of water on Monday. The capacity of this dam is 24 feet. There are all the possibilities of this dam overflowing within a week. Mansi Vakal dam water level went up by 5 cm, Jaisamand by 8 cm and Akodara dam by 10 cm. Pichola and Fatehsagar are still getting a good flow of water. Fatehsagar gates were lifted 6 cms by Monday afternoon. Both the Madars are overflowing and gates of Udaisagar gates werer also lifted by 3 feet post 11 p.m. as it touched 24 feet level again.

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