Thunder storm affects power supply-Public craves for water

Thunder storm disrupts life to a great extent.

Thunder storm affects power supply-Public craves for water

Thunder storm on Tuesday left Udaipur public craving for water. Some areas got back power supply within hours after the storm passed but some areas were in for longer duration of troubles as they were not even left with water.

Power supply is the first thing that goes off during monsoons. This season before the arrival of monsoon, the thunder storm left people craving for water as power supplies were cut off. Electric poles had fallen down cutting off power. Trees fell on power lines breaking them. The natural catastrophe resulted in people spending the night and the following day without electricity which ultimately resulted in shortage of water at home.

Mobile phones could not be charged, batteries went off and to top it all people were left with almost no water. Since water tanks can be filled only when there is power supply, the failures due to storm disrupted normal life to a great extent. Some areas got back supply after almost 30 hours which was more than expected.

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Crops also got damaged. Vehicles faced a lot of damage as trees fell on them. Reportedly, there were casualties because of the thunder storm in Udaipur and nearby areas. Employees of RSEB could be seen working to their best to resume power supplies. Maintenance work is still on in many areas.

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