Udaisagar gates lifted by 5.5 feet

Good monsoon in 2019 proves to be a boon for Mewar.

Udaisagar gates lifted by 5.5 feet

Since Udaisagar is constantly being fed by Ayad River, it has once again reached its overflow level as a result of which the gates of this lake had to be lifted by 5.5 feet on Thursday. It is the second time in this season that the gates of Udaisagar had to be lifted to 5.5’. The overflow from Udaisagar provides water to Vallabhnagar dam from where it moves on to Badgaon dam. Sisarma is still feeding Lake Pichola and Madar is flowing into Fatehsagar. Mansi Vakal is also getting a good share from Madri dam. Both Sisarma and Madri dam are flowing at 3 feet each.

Monsoon 2019 has proved to be a real boon for Udaipur city. Until last year i.e. 2018 the look of Udaipur city had changed to a great extent because of scarce monsoon. By 15th August good rain showers started blessing the city maintaining its title of Lake City with all the lakes in full bloom. We need to be alert and not waste water just because we have had good rains. Water is one of the biggest of essential commodities that needs to be saved for the coming generations. Let us join together and save water and set an example for others and plant as many trees as possible to conserve nature.

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