Vallabhnagar dam overflows-1.25 inch rain in 20 min

Vallabhnagar dam overflows.

Vallabhnagar dam overflows-1.25 inch rain in 20 min

Udaipur city had a good amount of rain on Tuesday afternoon. 1.25 inches of rain was recorded after the 20 minute span of heavy rain showers. This resulted in the overflow of Vallabhnagar dam and the gates of Fatehsagar Lake had to be lifted by 3 more inches.

To prevent water from entering Nehru Garden in Fatehsagar Lake, the gates of Fatehsagar had to raised even more. The 20 minute rain showers gave a good amount of rainfall post Tuesday afternoon. Since Udaisagar has been feeding Vallabhnagar dam constantly, the latter also started overflowing on Tuesday. Now all hopes are on regarding the Badgaon dam which is likely to overflow soon. Mansi Vakal dam is a receiving a good force of water, hence the chances of the dam getting full cannot be ruled out. Sisarma was also over-flowing at 4.5 feet. Nai village also experienced more than 1.5 inches of rain.

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