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2 pythons caught from residential areas

Two pythons were caught from different residential areas of the city and released in the forest. … [Read more...]

1 month ago
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12 feet long Python caught from village near Udaipur

A 12 ft long female python was caught and rescued from a village Suhavato ka Guda, 20kms from … [Read more...]

2 months ago
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Python captured at Wonder Cement Ltd

Six feet long Python was captured by Fire & Security personnel of WCL in the plant premises on … [Read more...]

2 months ago
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Mating Call of Blue Bull

Sumer is a hamlet situated at the edge of Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. About a kilometre from the … [Read more...]

3 months ago
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37 snakes rescued in 7 days

With the Monsoon rains starting to hit the city, cases of Snake Rescue has also increased in the … [Read more...]

3 months ago
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Rare albino snake found from Madhuban

Forest officials of Udaipur were in for a surprise today when they found an albino snake from the … [Read more...]

3 months ago
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13 ft long python found in a village

Soon after the monsoon struck the city, incidents of snakes being found near residential areas are … [Read more...]

3 months ago
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Dead female leopard found pregnant during postmortem

Postmortem of a female leopard left the veterinarians and forest officials stunned whenthey … [Read more...]

3 months ago
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Injured leopard dies

An injured leopard found from Zawar Mines area succumbed to death while undergoing treatment in … [Read more...]

3 months ago
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Starving leopard rescued from Zawar Mines

A 2 and half year old female leopard was found in awful physical condition in a farm at Zawar Mines … [Read more...]

3 months ago